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Parental Differential Treatment Of Siblings And Sibling Differences In Intelligence

Table 1:

Items Factor loadings
23. I believe I’m a figure of authority for him (her). .64
24. I like our relationship .76
30. I believe I understand him (her). .64
31. I would like to change many things about him (her). (R) –.63
36. I believe that, in general, I’m raising my son (daughter) well. .60
42. I like his (her) temper. .66
45. He (she) and I disagree on very many issues (R) –.67
47. (s)he shares the majority of my views. .60
54. I welcome his (her) behavior. .71
55. I frequently express my dissatisfaction with him (her). (R) –.60
60. I want him (her) to always have the same feelings for me as (s)he does now .70
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