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A Sense Of Place Model To Enhance Guided Tour Experience In Melaka.

Table 1:

Open coding: Concepts from interview transcripts and participant observations (guided tour) Axial coding: Subthemes Selective coding: Themes
History: Cheng Ho Stories/legend: Hang Li-Po, Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, etc. Sultanate Period, Portuguese period, Dutch, British. The differences between these periods. Knowledge Cognitive
A harmonious placeRegretful towards a place Beliefs
Nostalgia – ambient (for example, what they did during their childhood time, although in different space and time)Food cultureTraditional/childhood games Memories
Meaningful lessons learntMeaningful time spent with family/friends Meanings
Interest towards old buildings, ambiance, cultures. Interest in history Interest
InterestingExcitedTired but happySatisfiedHappy get to know new friends Positive Affective
Bored (especially for kids)Tired (for senior citizens)Not interested Negative
Talk and share with friends/family Ask questions (to guide)Observe othersShow curiosity Do nothing, just follow and walk Actions / reactions (during the visit) Behavioural
Need a lot of imagination Perhaps more pictures/ visual Create a place which is imitate the previous time (such as Malacca Stories Hall)VR virtual tour Create the ambiance (five senses, including smell, sound/music) Visualization Interactions
Involvement involve to do handicraft, dancing, performance, games and others. Involve them in these traditional games and foodInteractions Q & A Learning by practicing
ConferenceMusic concertIn-door guided tour (such as, projector showing, smelling/temperature/audio)QR Code Multi methods
Create recall toolMore interactive tools are needed (e.g. Facebook anniversary’s function?)Encourage/motivate them to share their experience Social media sharing
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