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Basic Trends In Investment Policy Development Of The Republic Of Kalmykia

Table 5:

Name of industry Small business enterprises Micro entrepreneurship
Industry Bricks and ceramic tiles production plant;Industrial parts plant Service center (repairing and maintenance support);Roofing workshop.
Agricultural production Agricultural production farm (livestock);Agricultural production farm (crop growing);Agricultural artel (fish farming);Agro park for year-round berries growing, inter alia, herbs and green housing vegetables. Personal farm holding – a rabbit farm;Private farm holding – a quail farm;Family dairy farm;Farm for growing and fattening cattle;
Processing of agricultural products Leather and fur processing factory;Powdered milk production plant (milk drying);Plant for slaughtering, deboning, and packaging of meat products. Workshop for preserves jams and canned vegetable production.Workshop for pre-packed products production;Mini-bakery.
Civil building Constructing multi-flat houses, low-floor houses Construction work (painting, repairing, etc.)
Tourism Touristic cluster;Agrarian tourism Guided tours
Social Entrepreneurship Social tourism;Social homes for the aged,Beds for the homeless. Honest microfinancing;Social bakery
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