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Organization Of Distance Learning (For Example, Lessons In Mathematics And Physics)

Table 3:

Principles of developing distance education courses Implementing Principles in iSpring
Minimize access to additional literature The teacher has the opportunity to develop a whole topic with a detailed explanation, to provide the student with full lessons on each paragraph, thereby reducing the need for the student to turn to additional sources for help.
Modular principle The teacher develops entire blocks of lessons on each topic, where one lesson smoothly passes into another, while maintaining the semantic chain of the structure of the topic
Instructions for studying the material and organizing independent work The student can receive instructions on-line by directly communicating with the teacher himself; also, when developing each lesson, the teacher prescribes instruction for the student’s actions on each slide, thereby organizing all the student’s activities
Control tasks, questions for self-testing with answers. Development of tests, independent work, tests, tests
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