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Innovative Mechanism For Development Of Regional Competitive Advantages In New Economy

Table 1:

Physical capital growth The development of instruments for financing, commercialization and capitalization of innovations. The development of the system of promotion of development "from idea to innovation", Genesis of the National Innovation System
Human capital growth The development of an education system adequate to the needs of an innovative economy. The formation of innovative market conditions ("cult of innovation", value, relevance, attractiveness of innovative activity). The formation of the personnel reserve of the innovation economy. The enhancement of the innovation culture of business community. The formation of a national strategy for the creation and promotion of innovative brands.
Social capital growth The development and optimization of legislation and other institutions of innovative economy. The growth of online business forms. The creation of a support system for an innovative economy by political and administrative elites of the Russian Federation, a network of consolidated administrative and political support for innovative activities. The formation of information channels and communication space. Socio-political projects aimed at supporting innovation
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