Confrontation Of Scientific Reason And Nature In The Film "Solaris" (A. Tarkovsky


In the article, the author analyzes the ethical and philosophical content of the film “Solaris” (1972) produced by the outstanding Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky, based on the same name novel written by Stanislaw Lem, the Polish writer and thinker. Unlike Lem, the director does not praise the courage of space explorers, but shows the paramount importance of moral choice for a scientist. The central place in the film is occupied by the problem of the confrontation between scientific reason and nature, which is revealed through the artistic comprehension of such important problems of modern philosophy as the relationship between science and morality, technology and nature. The director shows the negative consequences of scientific knowledge when the abstract reason detaches from other abilities of human spirit and begins to relate to nature and man as inanimate objects. The nature in Solaris, like a person, has spirituality, the highest manifestation of which is love. However, unlike a person, it is morally perfect and does not make mistakes. The author comes to the conclusion that in his view of reality, Tarkovsky primarily relies on the Russian philosophical tradition. Following the Slavophiles, he proceeds from the idea of the unity of all the abilities of human spirit and the priority of love for fellow being, and like Vladimir Solovyov he shows nature as a living creature with which a person is connected both in his physical and metaphysical existence, taking the position of “religious materialism”.

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Sociolinguistics, linguistics, semantics, discourse analysis, translation, interpretation

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