Essential, Structural And Functional Differentiation Of Addressee In English-Language News Reports


The article is based on English-language news for an adult targeting group posted on the CNN information site ( and news for a youth targeting group posted on the CNN 10 information site (https: / /, the types of news are modelled, differentiated by the structure and temporal relevance of the described information. The study proves the relevance of the described events in the news determines the essential, structural and functional characteristics of the news event. There are three types of news reporting structure in the study: 1) current news about recent events; about events occurring at the moment; announcement of upcoming events; 2) current news about recent, ongoing at the moment and future events with a detailed background (from the events of the present, past or future); 3) an event of the past, presented as news with an explanatory background, relevant outside of time. The age of the recipient determines a deliberate violation of the criteria for quality news, such as relevance and efficiency. The study showed that temporal relevance is an important differentiating parameter of news messages in their essential and structural aspect, not only for children and youth target groups, but also for adults. The study identifies invariant and specific news functions for children and youth and adult target groups. The prospect of the study is to establish the presence or absence of differentiation of the content-structural and functional characteristics of news messages for target groups according to gender, race, nationality and state of health.

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31 October 2020

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Sociolinguistics, linguistics, semantics, discourse analysis, translation, interpretation

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