Political And Socio-Economic Processes In The Chechen Republic In 2003-2007


The Chechen Republic experienced radical changes in both political and socio-economic life during 2003–2007. It was able to go through the difficult path of establishing peace and the beginning of an active restoration that was destroyed in the course of hostilities. One of the important events in the political life of the republic was making a referendum in March 2003 on the new Constitution of the Chechen Republic, which decided the issue of its joining the Russian Federation, the presidential election in October 2003, which won A. Kadyrov. However, A. Kadyrov did not have time to take full advantage of the results of the successful referendum and elections organized with the support of the federal center. He ended up dead in a terrorist attack in Grozny on May 9, 2004. Ramzan Kadyrov deputy prime minister of S. Abramov after the death of his father, entered the political arena not only of the Chechen Republic, but also Russia. Despite the expectations and forecasts of a number of experts, V. Putin’s policy regarding the Chechen Republic has not changed; moreover, there is a plan to restore the destroyed republic. The militants tried to turn the tide within the following events: the attack on Ingushetia on June 22, a clash in the village. Attack on Grozny on August 21, terrorist attacks on August 24 with 2 passenger aircraft crashed.

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