Comparative Analysis Of National Information Security Policy In The Context Of Globalization


Nowadays there is a certain tension between the concept of transparency of public administration and the need to protect socially significant information. The article discusses what types of information governments protect for reasons of national security, as well as what arguments they use. As a result of studying many national information security strategies, it is becoming clear that governments are seeking to limit the flow of information. Since there are various reasons for this process, but these reasons do not always correlate with the type of political regime that exists in the country. In other words, sometimes democracies and authoritarian countries limit the same types of information problems. Politics and political discussions depend on many persons and on which characters have the most powerful influence now, which most often leads to a gradual change in policy and its implementation mechanisms. Throughout the policy development process, tensions may arise between participants and stakeholders: politicians, interest groups, private sector representatives, citizens and independent experts. To understand these competing political interests, several examples of information security policies were examined. Examples are cases from all regions of the world, covering the period from 1998 to the present. In general, this article illustrates the paradox that democracies, which should be most interested in protecting information, under certain conditions will misuse information just like any other.

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31 October 2020

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Sociolinguistics, linguistics, semantics, discourse analysis, translation, interpretation

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