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Image Of Russia And The Russians In Language Consciousness Of Chinese Youth

Table 2:

The thematic group The most frequent lexical units The number of the usage
Social, age and gender characteristics of the speakers 俄罗斯大妈 Russian woman 干活的全是老太太 hard-working woman, pensioner woman 10
男人酒鬼, 奢侈品 man-drinker 9
男人稀缺,奢侈品 man-luxury 7
避而远之的东西叫警察 a policeman with clouded reputation 5
奔放的情侣 a couple madly in love 2
Love and friendship 表白 love confession 10
前任 ex-lovers 3
出柜 coming-out 3
早恋 love at an early age 1
早婚 early marriage 1
爱得极端 love madly 1
appearance 老毛子 hairy 18
女美 pretty woman 15
胖 fat 10
帅哥 handsome man 9
很 man real man 7
长腿 long-legged 6
National character traits 战斗民族 courageous nation, brave, daring 20
妖孽 devil, non-man (reckless) 19
懒 lazy 18
喝到断片儿 drink oneself to death (drinker) 16
坦克遛马路 to go for walk on a tank (brave) 15
打群架 mass brawl, scuffle (rude, combatant) 15
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