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Images As Units Of The Semiotic Space Analysis

Table 1:

Sense Components Types of Sense Components Verbal Actualization
a plant objective sense component the words “grove” and “walnut-tree” in the landscape description ( Irving, 2017; Irving, 2014)
a family archetypal sense component a comparison between the two words, that is, “trees” and “families” using the participle “vegetating” of the verb “to vegetate” ( Irving, 2017; Irving, 2014)
abundance archetypal sense component description of the elm-tree that spread its branches over the Dutch farmer’s stronghold including his vast barn full of the treasures of the farm ( Irving, 2017; Irving, 2014)
a way archetypal sense component comparison of the tulip-tree in the centre of the road (where Major André had been taken prisoner) with a landmark ( Irving, 2017; Irving, 2014)
death archetypal sense component
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