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Developing The Professional Competencies In Preservice Teachers By Means Of Pedagogical Cases

Table 1:

Name, principal type Name, variety Yin (1984)Exploratory Yin (1984)Descriptive Yin (1984)Explanatory
Davidenko & Fedyanin (2000) ground breaking; long unstructured short vignette; caselet scenario; highly structured
Morgan (2019) Crystallizer catalyst catalyst; crystallizer
Doyle (1990) problem-solving and decision-making precept and practice knowledge and understanding
Harrington (1995); Abell et al. (1996) problem case; dilemma case lesson review video case real world teaching case
Panfilova (2012) problematic; systemic systemic;praxeological; axiological causal-consecutive; praxeological; axiological
Vishniakov & Kovalchuk projecting case diagnosis case; real (example) case planning case; (ideal) modelcase
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