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Enterprise Resilience And Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, And Ambiguous Reality

Table 2:

VUCA components Definition
Vision The formation of corporate values that will motivate employees to responsibility and productivity Result orientation is one of the most important tasks of any company. This will help introduce innovations and innovative solutions to existing inefficient business. The creation of common values significantly increases the efficiency of all employees, their intangible motivation to achieve the strategic objectives.
Understanding Understanding that daily change is the status quo in an organization.Understanding what is happening to people, what their hopes, expectations, fears and desires are.Constant exploration of new ideas, opportunities, and search for constructive criticism.Giving trust to others.
Clarity Applying simplification to look in the very the heart of the problem.Using system thinking to consideration of problems from a global point of view.
Agility The speed and flexibility of processes that can help to improve business efficiency. Large-scale long-term tasks have given way to mini-projects and small systems in which the formulation of tasks, the search for productive solutions and the evaluation of performance are circled within the boundaries. Efficiency and conciseness allow reducing time and financial expenses for development and implementation of projects. Agile-approach is built on the importance of personal and professional communications.
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