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Evaluation Of Administrative Work Efficiency In The Context Of Digitalization

Table 2:

Indicator name Formula to calculate the indicator Commentary
Coefficient of efficiency of management documentation K 30 = D s t + D s t z + D u n f D 0 KЗ0 -coefficient of efficiency of management documentationDst, Dstz, Dunf-corresponding amount of standard and standardized documents, and unified standard documents used at the enterpriseDо – total amount of document types
Coefficient of computerization of managerial work K 31 = E m c t E t m KЗ1 – coefficient of computerization of managerial workEmct – amountof tasks or management functions that use computer technologyEtm – total amount of management tasks or functions at the enterprise
Ratio of managerial staff qualification to work status K 32 = P m t r P t m К32 –ratio of managerial staff qualificationPmtr – amount of managerial personnel whose professional qualification corresponds to their work status, personPtm – total amount of management staff
Utilization factor of personnel administration plans K 33 = P a d m . p v P t o t . a d m К33 -utilization factor of personnel administration plansPadm.pv – amount of positions where the personnel administration planis validPtot.adm – total amount of positions in the enterprise executive personnel
Utilization factor of Regulations on business units in management system K 34 = R r e g R t o t К34 - utilization factor of Regulations on business unitsRreg – amount of business unitsin the enterprise management system which activities are regulated by the pertinent regulations, etc.Rtot – total amount of business units in the management system
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