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Land Monitoring Application Results In Land Management On The Samara Region Example

Table 1:

Land monitoring objects Characteristics of the land monitoring object
Land used as agricultural land Types of agricultural land: arable land, grasslands, hayfields, long-term plantings, deposits, deer pastures, as well as land under reclamation and restoration.
Land plots with buildings and structures Types of building or construction: residential, industrial, public and business, etc.
Land plots with roads and structures on them Types of roads and structures under them: iron, automobile, etc.
Land areas covered with forest vegetation Forest types: urban forests and parks, forest nurseries, protective forests, wood and shrub vegetation; damaged forests, shrubs, whether protective strips, felling, burning.
Land areas with surface water bodies Types of water body: river, lake, swamp, reservoir, sea, canal, brook, glacier, snow.
Other lands Awkwardness, cemetery, waste dumps and landfills, disturbed land
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