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Mobile Application Development Taking Into Account The Development Of Mobile Commerce

Table 1:

Name What is About Price and additional costs Platforms Short description
Expensify Budget during vacations Free, scanning of receitpts - 4,99 $ a month IOS, Android Expenses are entered manually, automatically from the linked card and by scanning receipts. App will recognize the amount and what you paid for. One thing: now it’s unlikely that we will fail to notice that a significant part of the budget was spent on a certain purchase.
Budgy Common expences free IOS When traveling with friends, it is necessary to foresee many things in advance, first of all the expenses. Who pays at the restaurant, who rents a car and at whose expense a picnic in the park - so that everything is transparent and peaceful, set up a general budget in Budgy. Make all the expenses in the application, and after the trip it will calculate who owes, how much and to whom.
AroundMe Entertainment and leisure free IOS, Android AroundMe receives location information and provides a list of bars, banks, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, cinemas, restaurants, supermarkets, theaters and taxi stands closest to the user.
Rome2Rio Planning of complex routes free IOS, Android It happens that from point A to point B you have to get through C and D. For these cases, Rome2Rio is useful - an application that draws complex routes, including between countries. It will offer options on which buses go from A to B. For each segment, the approximate price and the site where you can buy tickets are indicated.
Couchsurfing hospitality free IOS, Android Couchsurfing is a social network for travellers. Homeowners invite to stay with them and do not take money for it. But couchsurfing is not only about the lack of payment, it is primarily about communication. At the hotel you will never know so much interesting and you will not feel as comfortable as visiting a local resident. An important point, if a person is left on their own at the hotel, then couchsurfing usually assumes that he spends some time with the owners and agrees with them on his schedule. free IOS, Android is a mobile version of the hotel booking website of the same name. The application has gained worldwide fame among all who love to travel the world due to its simplicity and clarity. Using the mobile application, you can select and book a hotel in any country in the world, in accordance with their requirements and desires. There are almost half a million hotels in the booking database.
Foursquare free IOS, Android The application, originally created for chekins, was gradually reformatted into an excellent guide to establishments. The advantage of this application is working with geodata, with the help of which a person’s location is determined and objects located nearby, starting from cafes, restaurants, shops, and ending with buildings and structures, are shown. The disadvantage of this application is the ability to work only when the Internet is connected.
Tripadvisor free IOS, Android The most popular service for finding attractions in your pocket. If you have free time during your trip, with Tripadvisor you can quickly find entertainment or a restaurant by searching filters and reviews of other travelers.
Yelp free IOS, Android An application for searching and viewing reviews of restaurants and cafes, shops, hairdressers, etc.
Tips by locals free IOS, Android The application is especially for those who are not much interested in popular tourist places, which are written about in each guidebook. Tips by locals has collected descriptions of places dearly beloved by the locals.
Field Trip  free IOS, Android It helps to explore an unfamiliar city with the help of notifications with interesting information about the place near which you are. The display of these prompts can be customized to your preference.
LocalEats charge – 75 Rub IOS, Android An application that focuses on working with exceptionally outstanding restaurants, also excluding chain establishments. Only the best steakhouses, pizzerias, sushi restaurants, etc. are listed in the database.
Redigo  free IOS, Android An application for viewing attractions on a selected route. It contains information only about the most popular places, a basic phrasebook in 7 languages, 25 offline city maps.
Афиша-Мир  free IOS, Android A travel application with the ability to add new addresses and notes directly from your phone. All information about the selected location is available without an internet connection.
Foursquare free IOS, Android The application helps to search for interesting cafes and restaurants in accordance with their preferences, remembers search queries and helps to make a list of places that might interest the user.
Triposo  free IOS, Android The application helps to make a route in a completely unfamiliar city. The application database is quite large, so it can offer places (including offline), which are not in other similar applications.
Guidepal  free IOS, Android An application for creating routes and viewing information about attractions. The application database is based only on recognized and widely known guides and expert opinions.
Viator Tours & Activities  free IOS, Android Applications for searching and booking tours. There is an interactive map on which you can mark the selected entertainment.
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