Physical Education As One Of The Elements Of Corporate Culture Of Organization


In this article, physical education is considered as one of the elements of the corporate culture of the company, as one of the areas of "successful" business, which does not lead to routine thinking and allows you to always be in good shape. The main resource of a person and the key to his success is health, which should be promoted in the company's culture and motivated by management. We consider ways to increase employee loyalty to their own company and the degree of their involvement in the work process. Examples of the implementation of physical measures in the life of the company, in the principles of its functioning, are given. The causes of stressful situations in a person due to the lack of sport in his life are shown. The financial performance of the company is shown taking into account the introduction of physical activity into the corporate culture. The main problems that arise in the modern world are spelled out. The causes of these problems are identified. The importance of physical culture for human health in the work process is shown. Statistical summaries of companies are presented that show high rates, taking into account the introduction of physical activity of employees into the basis of functioning.

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The corporate culture of a modern company is built on certain principles, among which the goal stands out, the basic values of the company as a whole and each employee in particular, communication style, slogan and motto, behavior model, company history, organizational structure, control mechanisms and mission. But special attention must be paid to such a factor as the physical activity of the team. In pursuit of work and constant innovation, people sometimes forget about their physical health. As a result, constant stressful situations, distraction, emotional burnout and much more are observed. Therefore, one of the elements of corporate culture should be physical education as a factor in increasing the effectiveness of the organization ( Zappalà, Polevaya, & Kamneva, 2018).

Physical culture can be manifested in joint trips to nature, passing quests, playing paintball, volleyball, bowling and other types of sports games in general; drawing of fitness subscriptions as a separate type of employee motivation. Many companies equip a sports facility right in the office building, where workers can use exercise equipment during a break or after a working day. There are many options for improving the workflow and introducing physical activity into the corporate culture, which can significantly increase labor productivity, because the mental activity of a person is activated and a reboot of the person as a whole occurs, which leads to an increase in the company's efficiency. Indeed, a healthy person is the engine of progress of a modern company!

Problem Statement

Modern practice shows how the attitude of people towards current life and time has changed. People literally began to live at work. The focus of attention of a modern person is shifting towards self-realization and improvement of oneself as a person. The latter, of course, constitutes a favorable trend in the development of society, but even in this situation there is a “second side to the coin”.

Cases of depression and poor health are becoming more frequent. According to experts, by 2020 it is depression that will become the “No. 1 killer” for humans. Already about 45% of suicides are committed by patients with this disease. The basis of this phenomenon is stress at work, in relationships, in constant "self-digging" ( Lychkovsky, 2018).

Also, the following causes of stressful situations at work stand out:

  • Too much workload (for example, as a result of workflow optimization);

  • Too small workload (the employee feels a small significance in the team, manifested in a small load in the work process);

  • Conflict of roles (for example, a conflict between an opinion leader and the current leader, or as a result of a violation of the principle of unity of command);

  • Uncertainty of roles (the employee does not fully understand his position in the company);

  • Lack of interest in the work (monotony is the cause of mental stress);

  • Oversupply of information (a constant flow of information can cause psychological "explosions");

  • High responsibility (with incomplete ability to control the work process);

  • Unfavorable hygiene factors (degree of lighting, noise insulation, degree of air conditioning).

Nutrition also has an adverse effect on people, because many people choose sweets or unhealthy fatty foods as stress control. Food on the run, liters of coffee and snacks due to lack of time - this is the real picture of what is happening. But nevertheless, “proper and balanced nutrition” is gaining more and more popularity, where people paint the food intake and caloric content of foods for a day and a week. All this sounds useful, but if it is not supported by sports, it does not have the desired result.

Another modern trend is the increase in the number of self-employed. Among modern professions, remote work has gained particular popularity when a person in most cases depends only on himself. Examples include: promotion on social networks, packaging of business accounts, creation of sites and info products, consultations on Internet sites, sales on the Internet and more. All this leads to the full responsibility of the person, who often spends in a sitting position throughout the day, which leads to a lack of physical activity. And the motivation of such a category of people lies on the shoulders of the person himself and must firmly enter their “own corporate culture”, where you also need to take a worthy place in physical culture in order to prevent the emergence of psychological disorders and problems with well-being.

Research Questions

During the study, a number of issues were considered ( Dimitrova, 2015):

  • Identify ways to prevent stressful situations by introducing physical activity into the workflow;

  • Identify ways to increase the physical activity of company employees;

  • Determine the effect of physical culture on the health of modern man;

  • To determine the factors of interest of the company's management in the implementation of physical activity in the work process.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study is to find out the place of physical education in the corporate culture of the organization. Research Objectives:

  • To study the importance of introducing physical activity into the life of the company;

  • Consider the results of the organization while increasing the physical activity of employees.

Research Methods

In order to achieve the goal and solve the research problems, the activities of large modern Russian companies were considered, the corporate events they conducted and the degree of their influence on the activities of the companies were studied. The level of employee motivation was evaluated by considering the digital indicators of companies. Performance indicators of companies were reviewed.


It is believed that the best rest is a change of activity. So, the Yandex company in each office equipped a gym, supplied turnstiles, treadmills and table tennis. There is also a yoga room in the Moscow office, and a dance room in the St. Petersburg office. All this allows employees to relax without moving far from their jobs. The operating mode is also convenient for everyone, as in the company it is 24 hours a day. Proceeding from this, the change of activity favorably affects the microclimate of the collective and the individual in particular, which leads to significant Yandex indicators in the market. There is an opinion that running in the middle of the day gives +500 points to productivity, +100 points to morality. Therefore, the Yandex company received an offer - to register the obligation to run three times a week in an employment contract.

It should also be noted that near Yandex there is an underground parking for bicycles, which are taken up by their number, which means that the employee’s thinking model is inclined towards sports and vigorous activity, which significantly affects the performance of the company. 90.4% of the Internet audience with a population of over 100 thousand people use the services and mobile applications of the company. The company's search share is 56.4%.

For many years, Rosneft has been carrying out large-scale work to develop sports and promote a healthy lifestyle, both among the population and among the company's employees. Participation in sports events contributes to the development of sports movement in the Company and gives employees the opportunity to demonstrate their achievements, which significantly increases the importance of the employee for the company and its involvement in large-scale activities. In 2019, the implementation of the program “Live Longer” continued, which promotes a healthy lifestyle, and also involves employees of different ages in regular physical education and sports.

The Rosneft Triathlon Team has about 250 employees from 20 companies of the company, whose members receive memorable awards for several years in a row. In the summer of 2019, the Rosneft team showed excellent results at the international triathlon competitions in Kaliningrad, nine members of the team won prizes. The company also holds winter and summer Spartakiads in the following sports disciplines: cross-country skiing among men 10 km and women 5 km, mixed ski relay, 500 m ice skating; Relays on skates and sleighs; futsal, volleyball, basketball, tennis, power biathlon. More than 25 thousand employees annually take an active part in them.

Another significant event for Rosneft was the participation of company employees in the Moscow marathon, which was attended by 200 employees of the management apparatus and group companies. The distance was 42.2 km. Following the results of the competitions, the relay teams of the Company took three first places among 50 corporate teams.

The Gazprom Neft corporate sports system is conventionally divided into two large areas. The first consists of wellness and training classes that are organized for employees at the Corporate Center. Free game sports classes are held, which more than 30% of employees attend. The opportunity to visit the pool and group wellness sections is also provided, which increase the motivation of employees and prevent stressful situations. The Fitness program is provided by a company that involves individual agreements with leading network fitness centers (the discount is 35-40% of the subscription cost).

The second direction is corporate sports events, the calendar of which is quite extensive. The key goal is maximum team building and team building due to the multi-level system of corporate events. Employees from all regions come to them.

The power of sports is that the whole human body, intellect and psyche are activated. Sport helps to concentrate and take responsibility only on oneself, without blaming circumstances, which helps a lot in business. Loss of self-control due to fatigue and “burnout” leads to incorrect decisions and financial losses. Sport is a charge of energy and pep; brain training, speed and speed of reaction. Therefore, sport and business go hand in hand, helping in decision making and leading to decent results. A strong leader who implements sport in corporate culture and sets an example of its implementation in practice, motivates and involves employees in the work process and does not let them burn out emotionally, but burn at work. It all starts with oneself. Sport is the key to successful business, especially in modern realities ( Filippova, 2019).


Thus, corporate sport has long become an integral part of the life of many Russian companies. Somewhere they focus on the conduct of competitions, somewhere on employees visiting fitness centers. But all this allows us to prevent psychological disorders and make employees even more involved in their company. Corporate sports are a tool to increase employee loyalty; no less effective type of involvement than, for example, the presence of a good social package or the prospect of further education. The opportunity to play sports or participate in various activities together with family members is perceived with enthusiasm in most cases. Especially, given the availability of free and preferential sports and health programs, including visits to pools, skating rinks, fitness centers ( Bunds & Casper, 2018).

Physical activity should be embedded in corporate culture; it permeates the work process, preventing it from becoming monotonous and boring. In addition, it helps to activate brain activity and increase the level of self-control. Corporate events have a positive effect on the performance and rating of the company, as well as reducing the level of depression and employees leaving on paid sick leave, as it tempers the body and prevents life from turning into a home-work-home mechanism ( Voronov, 2018).


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