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Prostitution In Russia: Discriminatory Practices And Trends In Professionalization

Table 2:

1 Survival of the woman herself and her family 58
«you need to pay for something with your studies»; «there is nothing to feed the children»; «my peasant has a miserable salary»; «my brother and I wanted to eat»; «I alone have a family»; «you need to feed your family with something»; «my salary is not enough even for utilities».
2 Employment problems 33
«it is impossible to get a job by education»; «I was fired from my previous job»; «I could not find another job»; «I can’t do anything else».
3 The pursuit of an easy beautiful life 16
«I didn’t want to get dirty, but to live in the capital, I needed something»; «easy income, which is steeper than the salary of parents»; «a dishwasher or a cleaning lady, I won’t earn so much»; «I like to have fun in nightclubs, and then also buy chic clothes».
4 Terms of employment and career advancement 8
«for the sake of success, it will not lose me»; «for a chic future»;
5 Drug and alcohol addiction 20
«I would be enough for a dose»; «a bottle is what else is needed»
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