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Cognitive Dominants In Conceptualization Of Related Events

Table 5:

Conceptual characteristic Composite sentence examples
Thought completing “that’s a dog,” he grinned. “in case you didn’t know.” “thank you, patsy,” ellie whispered back.
But now, seven years after gideon’s death, the business was becoming everything gideon dreamed of when the brothers established it nearly a decade ago, and it was a way to keep gideon’s dreams alive. If only his brother were alive to see it now...
He paints stripes. He started screwing around with sticks and stones. He threw his collages into the water. He threw his paintings, his colors, his brushes, into the water. That stopped him; that was an option that was not open to him. The river flooded. And his identity was submerged in the rising tide.
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