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Cognitive Dominants In Conceptualization Of Related Events

Table 4:

Conceptual Characteristics Composite Sentence Examples
Marking defocused cause-reason effect, addition, simultaneity, contrast, etc. The museum at Wardown Park (north of the town centre) has tools and products of straw-plaiters and hat-makers, for the local expertise in straw plaiting made Luton the chief centre of the straw-hat industry.
A new Federal Reserve would be responsible for the supervision of all banks chartered by individual states and their holding companies and a new Federal Banking Agency under the Treasury would supervise all national banks and their holding companies.
There have not been any comprehensive studies of the rise and fall of various economic groups in more recent times, nor has there been an attempt to provide, on a broad scale, an economic interpretation of political events in the twentieth century.
A starkish, slightly wooden acoustic at times battled with a well-managed sound system, yet the sound for the 18 blazing brass en masse was magnificent.
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