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Cognitive Dominants In Conceptualization Of Related Events

Table 2:

Conceptual characteristics Composite sentence examples
Cause identification I couldn’t stay – the area was violent.
Correcting His heart began to make a terrible noise, or so it seemed to him. 
Specifying He never told me anything, did your brother.
Cause and condition identification We can all go home since there’s no more business.
Condition identification She has been instructed to draw up a report, once the debates are over.
Comparison Divorced couples often end up feeling more bitter about their lawyers than they do about each other.
Emphasizing These were peter horbury and his wife who had been in the little car immediately next to lord woodleigh’s.
Courtesy showing I’ll put them in my handbag if you like.
Contact establishing She was selected most carefully, you know.
Evidentiality The price per pound was the same, i think.
Situation identification No, no, the quality has been fine, if you take last year as an exception.
Confirming Californians have a reputation for latching on to fads, and it’s true.
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