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Cognitive Dominants In Conceptualization Of Related Events

Table 1:

Conceptual characteristics Composite sentence examples
Order of Events sequence First you have to think of it and secondly you have to say it.
Events or participants compatibility This is not usually important to a computer; moreover, a computer has little use for mnemonics. 
An alternative event choice There can either be an individual winner or there can be teams.
Events or participants comparison Doing long division is a mental process and so is making a joke.
Events or participants opposing He is not worried about the money, but he is worried by the implications.
Events or participants compensation The carriage shall convey you where you will tomorrow morning. 
Events or participants description So he went to the other hotel where he found the vice president sitting with some friends in the parlor.
Events or participants evaluation It is important therefore that any reorganization should better facilitate this task.
Reflection of events effectiveness If a has power over b, then a can get b to do something.
The cause-and-effect sequence of events This kind of data is not relevant to his objectives and thus it is not recorded in his model.
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