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Belonging In Distance Learning: A Preliminary Review Of Students’ Perspectives

Table 2:

Respondent Positive realization Struggle
R1 Goal achieved Preferred choice of coursePreparation before the lecture is importantEnjoying the studying culture Too rushed and too short
R3 Widens knowledgeRevision Felt positive due to planning Pleased with revision even although exam result not ideal Personally not looking in a broader perspectiveNervous about examLack of motivationDemotivated when course-mate dropped out
R4 New experience Decision making Personally struggled with detail.
R5 Motivated with assignment preparationPlan is going wellCloser to completion and course purposeMotivated to finish the proposalProposal submitted Finding resources for assignment
R7 Nil Need to be self-conscious and responsible
R8 Felt like a full-time studentManaged to get into a good institution Nil
R9 Earlier revision is helpful Need more time for revision
R10 Degree Unable to focusTime management
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