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Metaphorical Expressions And Green Grammar Alternatives In Acehnese Fishing Community: A Critical Eco-Linguistic Perspective

Table 2:

No Original expression Green grammar alternative
1 Ta top matauroe ngon jala “we close the sun with the net” Matauroe teutop jala “ sun close with net”
2 Lagee kameng tapeulangoe krueung “as a goat is being swum in the river” Lagee kameng teulangoe bak krueung “ as a goat swims in the river”
3 Yoh get paksa talaboh pukat, tanda kilat eungkot mate. Yob na teuga taibadat. tahareukat yoh goh mate “ we anchor the boat, the sign of the death of fishes. We pray when we still have energy, as the capital before dying” Pukat teulaboh yoh get paksa, tanda kilat eungkot matee. Beuibadah watee teuga, tahareukat yoh goh matee. “the boat anchored,…pray…”
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