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Access To Finance And Microenterprise Growth: Evidence From Microcredit Client In Urban Malaysia

Table 4:

Mean Standard deviation
TN caters for my needs and requirements as a micro-entrepreneur 3.60 0.947
The scheme provides the best mechanism for me to run the business 3.70 0.921
The amount of loan is enough for me to start business 3.54 1.019
The amount of loan is enough as additional capital 3.50 1.011
The terms and conditions of TN is simpler compared to commercial banks or other finance agencies 3.60 0.996
TN always provide advices and consultations 3.27 0.943
The training and support by TN help in terms of management and entrepreneurial activities 3.40 1.006
The management by TN is more customer-friendly compared to other banks or agencies 3.66 0.853
Time taken for the loan approval is in short time 3.62 0.859
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