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Tourism Entrepreneurship: An Analysis Of Local Communities Engagement And Perception Towards Socioeconomic Impact

Table 3:

Rotated Component Matrix
1 2
Negative impact
Only a few people have enjoyed the development of this island .982
The absorption of western culture (negative) into the local community .967
The traditional culture of society has become extinct due to tourism .960
Residents change their lifestyle/culture in line with the island's tourism development .953
Travel activity has limited time with family .949
Local communities are easy to follow with foreign culture .933
Familiar relationships among local communities have become increasingly waning due to tourism activities. .924
Positive impact
Improved infrastructure facilities .952
Help people better understand outside cultures .903
Travel activities have diversified into the island's culture .895
Tourists on this island respect local culture .888
Improved communication and internet facilities .857
Improved facilities .808
Raising the image of local culture .773
Increased public amenities for communities and tourists. .663
Cronbach's alpha .985 .943
Overall Cronbach's alpha .849
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