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Tourism Entrepreneurship: An Analysis Of Local Communities Engagement And Perception Towards Socioeconomic Impact

Table 2:

Rotated Component Matrix
1 2 3
Employment opportunities to residents
Revenue is higher than other sectors .940
Attract foreign investors .937
Increase household income of local residents .880
Offer entrepreneurship opportunities .862
Reduce unemployment rate .847
Easy to get a job in the tourism sector. .838
Offer more job opportunities to locals. .836
Opportunity to women and single mothers. .643
Reducing the poverty rate of the population. .479
Improve quality of life
Contribute to the development of tourism products .887
Contribute to major revenue generation to locals. .882
Many benefit the locals .854
Improve living standards .685
Increased cost of living
Prices of goods and services are increasingly expensive .944
Property value increased .934
Cronbach's alpha .935 .897 .998
Overall Cronbach's alpha .921
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