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Features Of The Teacher Image In Modern Educational Environment

Table 1:

Group / Institute of Socialization Family School Media
Optimists The teacher is the second mother; the teacher must be listened to. As the teacher said, so do. The teacher’s work is not always visible, but necessary. Benefit from the school can be estimated later.
Weathercocks Not formed. Not formed, situational. Teachers do not understand children.At school losers work.
Dissatisfied The teacher is obliged to create comfort; the teacher is not responsible for anything.Teachers fulfill the order of the parents.Parents are required to fulfill teacher requirements.Children must obey the teacher. The teacher does not have the right to vote. Work in school go out of despair, teachers are bribe takers and loafers.
Neutrals Not formed. Schooling needs to depart. Trainees need to survive school.
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