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The Concept Of "Health" In The Structure Of The Teacher`S Professional Culture

Table 1:

Professional idea Situations-themes of professional activity The plot of situations, the professional activities Expected outcome
Managing the ways of their professional development based on physical development The ability to "see" the potential of physical culture activities - Situation-assessment topics that require students to rethink previous ideas about the nature and values of physical education;- situations-topics of choice, implying the generation and testing of alternative forms and methods of physical culture and recreation activities in the context of the training session Ability to use the potential of sports and recreation activities as a contribution to the formation of an individual professional position
Organization of an individual strategy of professional and personal development Actualization of professional and personal development, as well as experience in building hypotheses for solving professional tasks - situation-topic problems that affect the emotional value field of the personality of students, encourage them to self-expression, use their knowledge, skills, beliefs, attitudes, while solving non-standard difficulties when there are no ready-made ways to solve the problem;- situations-themes of professional development, implying independent modeling of strategies of professional-personal development Ability to professional and life self-determination
Actualization of the value of health protection as the basis of effective professional activity Awareness of the need to use the potential of physical culture and recreation activities for successful self-realization in the profession - situations-themes of empathy and togetherness, which are based on the provision of assistance, support, insurance when performing complex exercises, the general experience of success or failure, mutual assistance, empathy.- sense-generating situations-themes, implying the activation of the sense-searching activity and manifested in the finding of value bases of physical education for future professional activity- situations-themes of the illustration, reflecting the relationship between the values of the upcoming profession and the values of physical culture and recreation activities Representation in the structure of value orientations of future teachers of the values of the upcoming profession
Experience in overcoming life and professional difficulties Increase of level of psychophysical health and development of resistance to stress factors - situations-themes of competitive-game, which provide a high emotional background; increases self confidence- situations-themes of support, implying assistance in the event of difficulties- situations-themes of personal growth, suggesting the gradual mastering by the personality of the motor potential of physical culture and recreation activities.- situations-themes of creating success and ensuring growth of achievements at their core contain the aspiration of an individual to self-development by means of physical education Formation of an active life and professional position.Understanding by future teachers of the need for sports and fitness activities to maintain health and professional success
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