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Implementation Space Of Educational Opportunities Of Art In Russian Pedagogy And Psychology

Table 1:

no. Vector direction of educational effect of art Examples of thesis research topics
1 Intellectual education Intellectual education of primary pupils during music teaching
2 Aesthetic (artistic)education Artistic and aesthetic upbringing of Grade 1-7 pupils by means of Tartar ornamental arts
3 Labor education Improvement of labor education of school children by means of ornamental arts of peoples of the North
4 Moral education Moral education of pupils in the special (correctional) general education institutions of Type 2 (for deaf-mute students)
5 Environmental education Forming a personal environmental culture in early teens in the school educational process by means of the musical art
6 Patriotic education Pedagogical conditions for patriotic education of primary pupils by means of folk music
7 Social education General musical education as a means for socialization of secondary pupils
8 Ethno-cultural (polycultural) education Ethno-cultural education of students majoring in Musical Education on the basis of folk art
9 Development of creative abilities Forming and Developing of creative abilities in primary pupils in the context of artistic and aesthetic integration of various art forms
10 Development of specific abilities Forming graphic skills in Grade 1-7 pupils with ornament drawing
11 Perception development Forming image sensitivity of literary texts by primary pupils
12 Memory development Scientific and methodological foundations for formation of musical memory in students of solfeggio class in institutions of higher cultural education
13 Intelligence development Development of artistic and visual thinking in Grade 5-6 pupils during the lessons of topical drawing
14 Speech development Speech development in primary pupils of special needs school during Visual Arts lessons
15 Emotional development Development of emotional sphere in pupils of special schools during musical education
16 Formation of communicative competence Pedagogic conditions for development of communicative core of preschooler over five with folklore means
17 Formation of Intensional personality Forming interest and needs of adolescents
18 Independence development Development of independence in senior pupils during the lessons of advanced text analysis of a literary work
19 Forming a personal culture The scenic art in the context of educating in the culture of future leisure
20 All-round development of personality Activation of personal growth in primary pupils with musical-creative activities
21 Professional establishment of a personality Professional training of music teacher to personalized musical and aesthetic education of pupils
22 Increasing education efficiency Pedagogical conditions for provision of general educational success of primary pupils as exemplified by lessons of Visual Arts
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