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Development Of Rural Areas Of Bashkortostan In Conditions Of Digital Economy Formation

Table 1:

Implementation of digital technologyin agriculture of the region Implementation of digital technologyin rural areas of the region
1. Agriculture blockchain 1. Monitoring the demand for the production of agri-food products
2. Soil-landscape digital mapping for agricultural organizations 2. Internet commerce and the creation of virtual trading platforms in the agri-food sector
3. Development of robotization technologies and “intellectual” agriculture, self-driving agricultural engineering and remote control of agricultural equipment 3. Creating a single digital space for municipal government and AIC enterprises
4. Introduction of geo-information, precision technologies and compilation of electronic field maps 4. Digital processing of technology and technology storage
5. Digital design in adaptive farming and in the livestock industries 5. Compilation of digital maps of social infrastructure
6. Clusters of digital economybased on AIC digital platforms 6. Digitalization of management decisions in rural municipalities
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