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About The Possibilities Of Implementing The Principle Of Continuity Of Mathematical Training

Table 3:

Topic Qty of hours Holding form
Lesson 1. Definition and properties of inverse function. Determination of arc functions. 1 Lecture on review of the properties of inverse trigonometric functions and extension of learners’ knowledge about them.
Lesson 2 Trigonometric operations over arc functions. 1 Practice on proof of identities, transformation by derivation of formulas.
Lesson 3. Correlation between arc functions. 1 Seminar on derivation of correlations between arc functions
Lesson 4 Plotting functions with symbols of inverse trigonometric functions. 1 Practice on plotting.
Lessons 5 and 6 Solution of equations and inequalities with inverse trigonometric functions. 2 Practice on problem solving.
Choice of research topic, execution and defense during the week of mathematics in school or on a school-level practical conference. Research work
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