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Ecological Consciousness Of Modern Young People: Current Trends

Table 2:

Code Statement Number of choices Percentage of selected statements
A I try to save water, energy and other resources 35 5,44
A1 I'm not wasting my time and energy on saving money 11 1,71
B I carry a cloth bag with me so I don't have to buy a plastic bag 20 3,11
B1 every time I go to the store, I buy a plastic shopping bag 10 1,56
C I'm separating the garbage (I'm putting plastic in a special container) 12 1,87
C1 I don't share garbage, that's what special services should do. 23 3,58
D I don't like using disposable dishes 40 6,22
D1 I use disposable dishes whenever I can 3 0,47
E I love wearing my second hand clothes. 18 2,80
E1 I only buy new clothes 28 4,35
F I like to walk or ride a bike 39 6,07
F1 I dream of a prestigious car, I love gadgets 52 8,08
G Cleaning up the space where I live (keeping the entrance and yard clean and tidy. in the neighborhood, cleaning up excrement after my dog, etc.) 24 3,73
G1 Cleanliness and order in the space around me is the responsibility of special services 13 2,02
H I'm trying to wear things for as long as I can. 41 6,38
H1 I try to change things often according to fashion and prestige 5 0,78
I I always participate in environmental events and clean-ups 7 1,09
I1 I try to avoid participating in environmental events and clean-ups 21 3,27
J I prefer to be outdoors, in the woods, at sea 27 4,20
J1 I prefer to spend my free time outside nature, in a rich cultural environment 25 3,89
K I keep a close eye on the ingredients of the products I buy, I try to buy natural food 29 4,51
K1 When buying products, I'm only interested in the price and appearance, I don't waste time on finding out the composition 18 2,80
L I prefer to take a quick shower 26 4,04
L1 I like to take a bath, and I'm in the shower for a long time 28 4,35
M I like the spaces filled with plants and animals, I like indoor plants, pets, etc. 35 5,44
M1 I prefer sterile spaces from different animals and plants 6 0,93
N It seems natural to me that apart from us (people) our apartments are full of animals - ticks, spiders, and many of our favorite foodstuffs - the result of microorganisms (cheese, bread, sauerkraut, wine, etc.) 33 5,13
N1 I am horrified at the fact that there are ticks in the carpets and fungi in the cracks of the tiles, and even in our intestines, there are a huge number of microorganisms 14 2,18
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