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Impact of Organizational Justice on Psychological Contract Violations, Organizational Exclusion & Job Satisfaction

Table 2:

Rotated Component Matrixa
1 2 3 4
OE7. The others do not include me in the conversation. ,903      
OE10. In the workplace, the others are not calling me or asking me to join them when they go to the coffee break. ,901      
OE6. I realized that people in the workplace do not look at me. ,899      
OE5. My colleagues are running away from me. ,894      
OE4. I sit alone in a crowded dining hall with reluctance. ,890      
OE8. The others in the workplace refuse to talk to me. ,859      
OE9. The others at work are pretending like I'm not there. ,789      
PCV4. I feel a big anger towards the company I work for.   ,883    
PCV1. The company I worked for did not fulfil almost any of the promises they made during the recruitment process.   ,873    
PCV7. My company’s behaviour makes me disappointed.   ,871    
PCV2. Although I have fulfilled all my responsibilities, the organisation did not fulfil its promises until now.   ,870    
PCV5. I feel like I've been betrayed by the company I work for.   ,844    
OJ13. My work-load is fair.      ,829  
OJ3. My manager collects precise and complete information before making business decisions.     ,818  
OJ2. My manager asks views of all the employees before making business decisions..     ,781  
OJ11. My business plan is fair.      ,773  
OJ4. Managers explain the decisions to employees and provide additional information if it is requested.     ,770  
OJ12. My salary is fair.      ,768  
OJ8. My job responsibilities are fair.      ,754  
OJ5. Work-related decisions administered for all related employees with regular and consistent manner.     ,742  
OJ1.Business decisions are taken impartially by my manager.     ,737  
OJ7. The awards and achievements I get from my organisation are fair.      ,702  
JS4. I am pleased to be noticed because of the work I have done.       ,784
JS2. My ideas are respected in the workplace.       ,751
JS6. I am satisfied with my relationship with my manager and colleagues.       ,624
Extraction Method: Principal Component Analysis.
Rotation Method: Varimax with Kaiser Normalization.
a. Rotation converged in 5 iterations.
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