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The Role Of Innovation Types On Learning Orientation And New Product Development

Table 2:

1 2 3 4
The quality of our products is high. .794
Compared to the sector, our guarantee system in our products has a high success. .816
The technology we use in our products is high. .826
We have the ability to develop new products. .793
We have the ability to change and develop your existing products. .793
We have the ability to adapt new ideas and methods to the production / manufacturing process. .805
The level of modernity and development of the machinery and equipment we use in the production process is high. .830
Our managers’ knowledge of technical aspects of our activities is high. .716
Our rules and procedures change constantly. .828
We regularly make changes to the duties and functions of our employees. .865
The new management system is applied regularly in our business. .803
Our wage and salary policies have changed in the last 3 years. .686
In our enterprise, the communication structure between the organization and the departments is regularly restructured. .736
We regularly change certain items in our organization. .791
Process innovations have been made in our business for the last 3 years. .764
Initiatives carried out in our business are introduced by the managers. .677
Process innovations in our business are developed by managers and employees. .754
All of our employees are involved in process innovations in our business. .671
In general, our customers are more satisfied with our new products. .766
New products better fit our target market / customers. .802
The loyalty of our customers is increasing. .853
We are attracting more new customers with our new products. .845
Our new products are more successful on the market than before. .800
Our customers are encouraging other people to take our new products .850
The number of new products we offer is increasing. .822
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