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The Role Of Innovation Types On Learning Orientation And New Product Development

Table 1:

1 2 3 4
It is possible to see a strong team spirit at every stage of our enterprise. .772
Inter-unit teamwork is a widely used method in our enterprise. .815
There is unity of purpose among employees in our enterprise. .664
We take care to explain and share our vision with each other in the enterprise as a whole. .508
Every unit knows how much it adds to our enterprise. .729
All activities within the enterprise are clearly and obviously defined. .784
It is clear who is doing a business and is known by everyone .842
The place and importance of all activities within the enterprise are known by everyone. .772
The learning ability in our business is seen as the basic key of progress. .579
Learning as a means of development is among the core values of the business. .728
If we give up the importance we give to learning, our future would be endangered. .768
The resources allocated to training in our enterprise are seen as investments, not as expenses. .744
The importance attributed to learning in our enterprise is increasing day by day. .755
We have a special mechanism that enables everyone to share the experience gained in our enterprise. .687
We are not allowed to forget what we have learned from previous experiences by often having discussions on them. .787
The prominence of the sharing and accumulation of knowledge in our company is constantly emphasized. .667
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