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Art Education At School: Quality Assessment And Search For Objective Criteria

Table 2:

Optimal indicators for objective evaluation of quality of comprehensive art education of students
Intellectuality Creativity Communication skills
Criteria for evaluation of the quality of teaching academic subjects “Music”, “Visual arts”, “History of World Art”
General criteria
Mastery of subject-related knowledge Methodical training and interaction with students and colleagues Artistic approach to teaching
Specific criterion
Performance skill(only for the academic subject “Music”) Artistry(only for the academic subject “Visual Arts”)
Criteria for evaluation of the quality of the school system of comprehensive art education
General criteria
Educational aesthetic environment of the school Number of art and history of world art teachers with proper level of education (specialist’s or master degree) Learning results for the main educational program of general comprehensive education for art and cultural subjects
Specific criteria
Qualification of art teachers Participation in Art and History of World Art Olympiads Availability of an internal school model for arrangement of vocational activities in general cultural area
Additional criteria
Learning results for the additional educational program (or chosen course) of general or secondary comprehensiveeducation for “History of World Art” Arrangement of school events within the framework of art subjects and history of world art Arrangement of outside-school events for general cultural development of students
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