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Beginner Physical Education Teacher And Concept Of Discipline: Comparison From Two Countries

Table 5:

Czech Republic PE teachers Bosnia and Herzegovina PE teachers
Coding Coding Central concept Coding Coding Central concept
Students do not pay attention to the teacher's interpretation, talking, disregard of authority, breaking rules. The teacher met with not paying attention, talking, breaking discipline and rules, lack of effort, purposive bad performance in games. Beginner physical education teachers from the Czech Republic met with different types of discipline violation which solve with verbal signals, whistle or talk with class teacher and principle and put notes to students’ record book. Compulsory removal from the class. (I send them for an interview with the school management) and writing notes in the record book. I exclude a student from the class, put a note to student book and send him to talk with a principal. In the case of discipline violation, the teacher usually dealt with noise, vulgarism, equipment destroying. When these problems occur teacher excludes a student from the lesson, put a note to record book and send this student to the principal.
A lack of effort, losing games with a purpose, only to make the game expire as soon as possible.
In case of discipline violation I react by normal voice, then increase the voice, then used whistles and even stop the entire activity. In case of discipline, violation teacher uses verbal signals, whistle, stop games, putting a note to the student record book, talk with class teacher or principle. I exclude the student from the lesson and let him sit on the bench to watch the rest of the lesson.
I deal with the class teacher. Then also with the principal. I try to solve problems constructively. If that's not possible I send a student to a psychologist and principal.
Usually, I deal with truancy, noise, students’ stubbornness. Teacher dealt with a noise, stubbornness, vulgarism, equipment destroying and truancy.
I punish them with a note to the students’ record book or disciplinary record. During classes I am solving noise, vulgar insults, dissatisfaction, destruction of equipment and similar discipline violation.
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