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Beginner Physical Education Teacher And Concept Of Discipline: Comparison From Two Countries

Table 4:

Czech Republic PE teachers Bosnia and Herzegovina PE teachers
Coding Coding Central concept Coding Coding Central concept
The most common is with verbal signals and a whistle. It also much depends on the emphasis in that voice. I adhere discipline by using a whistle, verbal signals like kids, stop and don't make jokes. Beginner physical education teachers from the Czech Republic adhere discipline with certain voice commands, using a whistle and with the application of praises and punishment. I usually name pupils with their surname or first name. They are not important words but their intonation. The teacher uses specific intonation and calls them by name or surname. They aware them about losing benefits. The discipline can be adherence by using some advice from experienced colleagues. Furthermore, with specific voice intonation, communication, motivation and having a special place in a gym when breaking discipline occurs.
I am using these words: “kids” or “pay attention” “don’t make jokes here”. "With this behaviour, you still time for free time games"
I just raise my voice a little, and that's enough. It is necessary. Using raise voice. I send a student to the "thinking corner" Have a specific place for students with inappropriate behaviour
I work usually with praise or punishment. I use praise and punishment. I try to calm down the situation with appropriate communication. Appropriate communication and motivation.
The biggest punishment for a student is when they need to run until the end of the lesson. I use only a motivational strategy.
I use the advice of older and more experienced colleagues. Using the advice from colleagues.
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