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Beginner Physical Education Teacher And Concept Of Discipline: Comparison From Two Countries

Table 3:

Czech Republic PE teachers Bosnia and Herzegovina PE teachers
Coding Coding Central concept Coding Coding Central concept
I have set at the beginning some rules that simply have to be respected. To build discipline teacher choose to set strict rules which have to be respected. During lesson is always space to relax a bit that strict rules. Beginner physical education teachers from the Czech Republic try to prepare interesting lessons with strict rules with the possibility to relax them if it is necessary. Communication is very important. To clarify to the students why some things can be done and others cannot. Building discipline through communication, motivation, explanations. Also, create a positive environment where students can have an impact on the decision. The discipline can be built with good levels of communication, motivation, and environment and where lessons are well prepared in a good working atmosphere.
Rather I try to be strict from the beginning, and during lesson go less strict, because in another way the students are severely controlled. It is important to create awareness of what is good and what is not, through conversation, explanations and example. To determine why certain behaviours are important.
I always try to keep silence during lessons. Silence during the lesson is important. Above all, it is about motivating students. I try to create an environment where students also could something to say and make some decisions
I used to prepare the class interested to all the pupils and rotate some activities. A teacher tries to make an interesting lesson with many games where students can enjoy and also to respect the rules. Discipline is achieved through well-organized lessons. Discipline is created with good organisation of lesson with a healthy working atmosphere.
I plan to make the class interested to all the students and often to rotate the games.
During the implementation of tasks, it is necessary that everything is done in a healthy atmosphere and that students have a serious approach to this task.
The hugest issue is to make students enjoy the lesson parallel with discipline respect.
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