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Beginner Physical Education Teacher And Concept Of Discipline: Comparison From Two Countries

Table 2:

Czech Republic PE teachers Bosnia and Herzegovina PE teachers
Coding Coding Central concept Coding Coding Central concept
The teacher should be fair to solve students problems and be consistent in adhering to the rules. To build authority teacher should act fairly, objectively, be helpful and include all students to the process of lesson. Using informal authority with fair and objective behaviour without punishing students without reason. In most cases, I rely on formal authority, but sometimes that depends on the situation. Teachers mostly rely on formal authority, which also depends on a particular situation. Building formal authority with fair and natural behaviour which also can be changeable depends on given moments.
I try to be correct, objective and to engage all students. Usually, I act with formal authority.
I think the teacher does not gain authority by being strict and punishing students for some bad performance, or violating the rules. Reaching authority without strict behaviour and “punishment” for students. To be fair and equal to all students. Teachers try to act fairly, honestly and naturally to all students.
For students is a more important formal authority, but I always try to include also informal authority. Informal authority and natural behaviour are more important and have a better impact.
The natural authority has a better impact on students. Act naturally, don't be afraid to admit that I can't do some things as well.
I always count on informal authority.
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