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Beginner Physical Education Teacher And Concept Of Discipline: Comparison From Two Countries

Table 1:

Czech Republic PE teachers Bosnia and Herzegovina PE teachers
Coding Coding Central concept Coding Coding Central concept
Discipline represents for me an adherence with the rules. Discipline represents respect of rules, standards and regulations. Beginner teachers from the Czech Republic understand the meaning of discipline as compliance of rules, with satisfying students' behaviour during classes. Additionally, teachers are more often rely on informal authority during classes. Uninterrupted planned lesson. Discipline is when students do not interrupt the planned lesson by teachers. Beginning teachers from Bosnia and Herzegovina see discipline as non-interrupting lessons accompanying with good behaviour of students. Additionally, teachers work mostly with formal authority.
Discipline occurs when students respect school regulations and standards. Behaviour that does not interrupt the work.
Discipline is there where we have good behaviour of students during class. For a teacher, classroom discipline determines positive behaviour, respect from students, and paying attention during the lesson. Respect of authority. Discipline means showing respect for rules and positive behaviour from students.
Discipline is always when students respect the teacher. Adherence with the attitudes.
When students pay attention and listen to teachers. Positive behaviour under certain conditions.
Compliance with predetermined rules of behaviour.
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