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A Comparative Legal Study On Water Governance In Japan And Taiwan

Table 1:

Japan Taiwan Proposed Actions
Upstream Governance Governing Laws GoverningAuthority Governing Laws GoverningAuthority Proposed Legal and Policy Development
Forestry and Forestry Basic Act; Forest Act;Sediment-Related Disaster Prevention Act Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries. Forestry Act, Soil and Water conservation Act, Council of Agriculture 1.Establishing Coordinated Framework integrating water resource management, forestry and soil conservation2. Enacting Special Legislation on Sediment management
Water Resource Management River Act Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Water Act, Ministry ofEconomic Affair 1.. Implementing IWRM at river basin level 2.Enacting Comprehensive Framework Legislation empowering the implementation of IWRM 3.Establishing River Basin Authority
Downstream Flood Control Counterme-asures against Flood Damage of Specified Rivers Running Across Cities;Flood Control Act;Local Ordnance(e.g. Shiga Watershed Flood Mitigation Ordinance) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Water Act,Special Statute for the Comprehensive Management of River Basins;Sewage Act;Regional Planning Act,Urban Planning Act Ministry of Economic Affair, Ministry of the Interior,  1. Integrating flood control authority2. Promoting Local Ordinance on Flood Plain Management
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