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Development Of Ict Сompetence Of Future Tutors By Means Of E-Portfolio

Table 2:

Components of the labor functions and actions of future teachers-tutors Ict tools, resources of electronic educational environment
Contributes to manifestation of activity, supports students’ reflection and learning motivation in an open electronic information and educational environment E-learning courses; forums, chat rooms, interactive polls, including interactive polls in social networks and instant messengers; personal blogs and websites, mooc, individual e-portfolios
Determines using feedback the effectiveness of types of educational activities of the student, controls the correct performance of the task Forums, chats, interactive surveys, individual e-portfolios
Holds consultations with different participants of the educational process Webinars, online conferences
Identifies students’ individual characteristics, interests, abilities, problems, difficulties Interactive mental and resource maps, individual e-portfolios
Provides pedagogical support in designing individual educational routes E-learning courses, individual e-portfolios
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