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Development Of Ict Сompetence Of Future Tutors By Means Of E-Portfolio

Table 1:

Role of a tutor Content of labor activities and functions
1 Teacher - carry out pedagogical support of students in developing individual educational routes, curricula, projects;- carry out pedagogical support of students in manifestation of their educational needs and interests;- hold conversations, trainings, business games, tutorials, games, creative activities with students
2 Methodologist - carry out development and selection of methodological tools for the formation of an open, variable, redundant educational environment and for analyzing the results of tutoring support;- develop guidelines for teachers and parents (legal representatives) of students
3 Organizer - ensure organization of parent (legal representatives) participation in the process of developing individual educational routes, curricula, and projects;- organize various forms of student access to environmental resources in accordance with their age, experience, and skills
4 Consultant - advise students on developing individual educational routes, a project;- provide advisory support for students in the process of their professional self-determination;- hold individual and group consultations with students, parents, and teachers
5 Manager - organize the learning process in accordance with the individual schedule;- manage the group tutoring classes;- coordinate the interaction of subjects of education in order to ensure student access to educational resources
6 Expert - support students’ assessment activities (entrance, current and final control);- assess potential of the educational environment for developing and implementing individual educational routes, curricula, and projects
7 Psychologist - identify students’ individual characteristics, interests, abilities, problems, difficulties within the educational process;- carry out preliminary psychological and pedagogical training for professional diagnosing and work with the individual characteristics of students;
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