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Personal Educational Environment In The Context Of Personal Security

Table 1:

Item No. Education space zone Design features
1 Vestibule Spacious hall with comfortable mobile furniture comprising a gallery with a recreation zone for waiting parents. The walls are covered in marker boards for drawing or with film, magnetic and cork surfaces are attached to some areas of the surface.
2 Multifunctional social space used as assembly hall, movie theatre, recreation zones Different levels that can be used as a stage and seating area. Soft transformable furniture, easy-to-stack chairs, multimedia and projection equipment, a grand piano, access to the props storage room.
3 Dining room Buffet service. Area for teaching children to cook simple dishes. Small movable tables seating up to 6 persons which can be put together if necessary; comfortable, light and easy-to-stack chairs.
4 Library Various types of racks providing easy access to books, individual tables that can be combined for group work, computer stations, niches and poufs.
5 Calm recreation zone Soft furniture, special niches.
6 Recreation play zone Soft game blocks, equipment for active developing games, various surfaces for drawing, floor markings for mobile games, cognitive games on a magnetic board, free space, communication zones.
7 Sports facilities Zone for team games as well as various solutions for outdoor sports activities.
8 Open education space Mobile individual tables that can be combined, movable chairs, poufs, beanbag chairs. Experimental corner with special desks and materials, areas for artistic and design activities. Walls covered in marker boards with magnetic and cork surfaces in certain places. Niches for individual and small-group work.
9 Creative workshop Comfortable space for drawing, molding from clay, sewing, application, etc. Stained-glass windows on butt ends.
10 Music room Glass windows, sliding doors, stage.
11 Auxiliary spaces Natural materials of various texture, bright colors.
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