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Methodological Design Of Consciousness Discourse For Subjects Of Education

Table 1:

Signs of consciousness Professionally important qualities of a person possessing project consciousness and self-awareness
The ability to extract algorithms from the mental activity (methods) The ability to identify ways of project activities, to carry out a positional analysis of the situation
To assess the adequacy or inadequacy of the quality of their own actions The ability, based on the positional analysis of the situation, to predict problems and make preventive decisions, that is, the ability to manage your future
The ability to change in changed circumstances - understanding the need for self-change to solve a professional problem situation
To program activity To understand the intentionality of oneself and other people and on this basis the ability to build the new cooperation necessary for the realization of one’s value
To regulate and control activities The ability to regulate and control their own activities for the implementation of new value bases
Increased responsibility for the professional activities and livelihoods of the people around them.
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