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Bases Of General Art Education Modernization Contents

Table 1:

Conditions forming a social order for art education Actual problems of forming a successful person The role of art education in problem solving
Philosophers, culture developers
1. The visual image today plays a decisive role in culture, technology, science;2. The return of technologically advanced cultures to mythology: image, metaphor - the main topics in politics, sociology, psychology - perception and creation of visual image- understanding and interpretation of the image and metaphor for understanding the real world Visual-spatial skills in surgery sign, a symbol, visual metaphor, generalization, typing or stylizing for creating and interpreting art image.To understand the idea, it is enough to see its image
Psychologists, psychiatrists, physiologists
Artistic development forms the skill of independent perception (understanding, evaluation), interpretation of the surrounding world and the desire for independent, creative attitude to any kind of activity.Creative activity has a positive impact on health - how to teach a child the art of " seeing»- how to teach a child to think logically and figuratively- how to develop creative qualities of the child, to give experience of realization of own creative ideas Art teaches you to see the world.The psychological function of art and artisticactivities; ability to sublimate internal tension, negative energies into creativity;Artistic development forms the skill of self-perception(understanding, evaluation), interpretation of the world and the desire for independent, creative attitude to any kind of activity
Intense struggle for a new understanding of art. The desire to move away from art and replace it with art practices.The imposition of a new "understanding of art as a shock, as a slap in the face of public taste." - art was and remains a form of communication;- cultural forms change if the majority of the members of the society lose their identity;- the dominance of advertising, diverse and contradictory information, in which it is difficult not to lose yourself Identification of a person with his people, country provides knowledge of folk traditions, the idea of which gives art.Art education helps to find a holistic image of the world, in which it is possible to clearly fix their own place.The development of art serves the stability of moral norms and spiritual values in the human mind, teaches to look critically at many manifestations, forms immunity against the change of moral norms and values.
Specialists in engineering, ergonomics, technology
In the informatization and globalization of society conditions, the emergence of new bio- , socio-, nano-technologies, students live simultaneously in two realities – in the tangible subject world and virtual space - changing the attitude of young people to the world around them, to themselves, to other people- responsibility of general education and new requirements The most popular art profession today is design. Art includedthe complex STEAM-education, designed to make out the space surrounding the person, to give machines, devices, objects of labor and everyday life comfortable, ergonomic quality and aesthetic appearance.
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