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Mapping Research Publications Related to Business Intelligence: An Overview of Bibliometric Data

Table 2:

No Research Title Total Citations Publication Years
1. Business intelligence and analytics: From big data to big impactAuthors: Chen H., Chiang R.H.L., Storey V.C. Journal: MIS Quarterly: Management 1267 2012
2. Conformance checking of processes based on monitoring real behavior Authors: Rozinat A., van der Aalst W.M.P. Journal: Information Systems. 485 2008
3. IT-dependent strategic initiatives and sustained competitive advantage: A review and synthesis of the literature. Authors: Piccoli G., Ives B. Journal: MIS Quarterly: Management 359 2005
4. Analysis of interactions among the barriers of reverse logisticsAuthors: Ravi V., Shankar R. Journal: Technological Forecasting and Social Change 344 2005
5. Antecedents of information and system quality: An empirical examination within the context of data warehousing. Authors: Nelson R.R., Todd P.A., Wixom B.H. Journal of Management Information Systems 377 2005
6. Types of information technology capabilities and their role in competitive advantage: An empirical study: Authors: Bhatt G.D., Grover V. Journal of Management Information Systems 501 2005
7. Business process modelling: Review and framework. Authors: Aguilar-Saven R.S. International Journal of Production Economics 428 2004
8. The influence of an integration strategy on competitive capabilities and business performance: An exploratory study of consumer products manufacturers. Authors: Rosenzweig E.D., Roth A.V., Dean Jr. J.W. Journal of Operations Management 430 2003
9. An empirical investigation of KM styles and their effect on corporate performance. Authors: Choi B., Lee H. Journal: Information and Management 358 2003
10. A perception-based model for EDI adoption in small businesses using a technology-organization-environment framework. Authors: Kuan K.K.Y., Chau P.Y.K. Journal: Information and Management 538 2001
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