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Mapping Research Publications Related to Business Intelligence: An Overview of Bibliometric Data

Table 1:

No Research Title Total Citations Publication Years
1. Business intelligence and analytics: From big data to big impact. Authors: Chen H.C., Chiang R.H.L., Storey, V.C.Journal: MIS Quarterly 805 2012
2. Science and technology roadmaps. Authors: Kostoff R.N., Scaller R.R. Journal: IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 285 2001
3. Antecedents of information and system quality: An empirical examination within the context of data warehousing. Authors: Nelson R.R., Todd P.A., Wixom B.H. Journal: Journal of Management Information Systems 245 2005
4. A critical analysis of decision support systems research. Authors Arnott D., Pervan G. Journal: Journal of Information Technology 192 2005
5. Moral awareness in business organizations: Influences of issue-related and social context factors. Authors: Butterfield K.D., Trevino L.K., Weaver G.R. Journal: Human Relations 190 2000
6. A confessional account of an ethnography about knowledge work. Author Schultze U. Journal : MIS Quarterly 154 2000
7. Innovation forecasting. Authors: Watts R.J., Porter A.L. Journal: Technological Forecasting and Social Change 134 1997
8. Knowledge management technology and the reproduction of knowledge work practices. Authors: Schultze U., Boland R.J.Journal: Journal of Strategic Information Systems 128 2000
9. Corporate foresight: Its three roles in enhancing the innovation capacity of a firm. Authors: Rohrbeck R, Gemunden, H.G. Journal: Technological Forecasting and Social Change 85 2011
10. Business Intelligence in Blogs: Understanding Consumer Interactions and Communities. Authors: Chau M., Xu J. Journal: MIS Quarterly 83 2012
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